Sunday, November 14, 2010


We've had a nice weekend with Sam and his friend Tyler. Tyler is a lake friend from Minnesota who goes to college in Minneapolis.....he came down to visit a friend in Orange City and then spent the weekend with us. We watched the movie TAKEN. If you haven't seen it and are up for an intense flick, it is very good.

Sam hurt his arm playing in a broomball tournament on Thursday, so we took him in for an x-ray on Saturday and sure enough, he has a hairline break of his radius. He has a splint for now, for 4-6 weeks, unless the orthopedist (who will review the x-ray tomorrow) says it needs to be cast. Last November he got his nose broken; this November, an arm. We hope it is not a trend!

I start my steroids in the morning to prep for Tuesday's chemo. I am more than ready to get it done and get my week of "chemo brain" over with before getting the new drug on the following Tuesday. The chemo is every 3 weeks, but this new drug (which I started last time) is every 4 weeks. Since the new drug is the one that I think was responsible for all my stomach problems, I may have 2 tough weeks this time, but one never knows how it will all shake down.

The only thing that really matters is that we are standing strong in the Word of God for complete and total healing, and are expecting it. God wants us to NOT WAVER in our belief of what He can and will do. He is SO able, and SO willing to heal, and His Word is sharper than a 2-edged sword (Heb 4:12). His Word has power. We stand with firmly planted feet on God's Word being His will, for His word is TRUTH (John 17:17).

I have such immense gratitude for my Wednesday prayer partners who stand firmly planted with us and do not vascillate one iota in faith for healing. There are plenty of people who are doubters around us. It doesn't disturb us in the least, for God has gifted us with this amazing ability to believe and trust at a level we never have before. It is exhiliarating!

My favorite verse this week is Psalm 103: 2-3.......Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not his benefits, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases!

In the SAME sentence, the psalmist confirms that God forgives sin and heals diseases. There is not even a comma in that sentence! They are lumped in one category! So, if people can so readily believe and have total faith that God forgives them their sins when they repent, why can't people just as easily believe that he can and will heal their diseases? I love that those two acts are linked in this psalm!

We need to come to God for healing with the same expectancy that we come to him for forgiveness. Too many Christians have lost their ability to EXPECT miracles and EXPECT God's mighty power to work in their lives (in all kinds of circumstances). But that's where our spiritual backsides are sittin' and we're not movin'!!

Specific prayer requests for the week:

* That the chemo brain side effect would not last any longer than its usual 3-6 days, and that there would be no nausea so that I can eat well. (I am so grateful I have not lost any weight since starting chemo.....that is answered prayer.)

* That I might be able to encourage someone else in the infusion room. People are so separated that I haven't been given this opportunity yet, but I am hoping God will use me in this.

Thanks for your faithful prayers, which buoy me and comfort me. So many prayers have been answered, that I can't help but be completely humbled by you lifting me in prayer. Accept my thoughts for thanks because words are so inadequate.


Cole said...

I LOVE that verse and totally agree with your thoughts on it! =) I will definitely be praying for FEW days of the chemo brain effect and hoping the new drug will not have such dramatic effects on your stomach since it will not be given at the same time as your chemo. You are such an inspiration, I just know God has huge plans for you in that infusion room!!

Ronald Swanson said...

We love you and will be continuing to pray for you. Thanks for being faithful to our Savior. You are a regular inspiration to me.