Friday, November 26, 2010


This life that we are living, standing on the holy Word of God about healing FOR my healing, is taking on an energy all its own. Dick and I are being blasted with this truth (God's intent to heal) from every angle. Every single devotional (I read 3 different ones each day) is writing about it. I come upon all kinds of new Scriptures about unwavering belief in what God can do. Friends send me articles from magazines that talk about the same thing.

Dick said to me the other night, "We need to start putting all of this stuff together in one place so that it is accessible to share with others."  He and I both have a strong feeling that God is, among other things, going to ask us to teach others in crisis how to live standing on God's promises. It brings me such joy to think that God would use us in this way and make something very sacred from something that originally filled us with such despair and hopelessness. I pray it is so!!

Here is just a sampling of what has been in our faces in the past 72 hours alone.....

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27

Do you believe I am able to do this? Matthew 9:28

Is anything too hard for the Lord? Genesis 18:14

We honor God by asking for great things when they are a part of His promises. We dishonor Him and cheat ourselves when we ask for molehills where He has promised mountains!!!    Vance Havner

When you take God at His Word, when you believe that absolutely nothing is impossible for Him, you'll be amazed at the things He can do. Trust that the Creator of the universe is capable of moving any mountain, including your own.  Journey with God Through Cancer

Absolutely nothing is impossible for the Lord. Your challenge, as a believer, is to take God at His Word and to expect miracles.  Journey with God Through Cancer

Friends, I have not asked for a molehill. I have not even ASKED for a mountain. He has promised a mountain and I simply am taking Him at His word, believe His word is His will, and believe it will come to pass in His timing.

We had wonderful Thanksgiving. We are usually visiting Dick's mom in North Dakota over this holiday, and we have not had just our family for a lazy Turkey Day in many years. We thoroughly enjoyed not being in a car, watching football, eating our dinner in our own time frame, and just hanging out together.

Today was a "balmy" 40 degrees so we took advantage and went out to chop down our Christmas tree. We found a balsam that we really liked, and the scent in the car coming home could make one drunk on pine. Is there anything better than freshly cut tree smell?

Tomorrow I will share a recipe with y'all that I tried (and we all loved) yesterday. It will become our "new tradition" for pie!! Have a great weekend, all.

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