Wednesday, November 17, 2010


All went well with round 3. I had nice conversations with 3 people in the infusion room. One lady told me her husband's whole cancer story, and my heart ached for him. He has been so sick. While I am getting at least one good week out of 3, he may only get 3 days. He was even sick while getting his meds yesterday. I should feel so fortunate.....and I do.....that I am not nauseated.

I've been on a steroid high for 2 days and have done all I could do to get ready for the low days. Laundry is done, food is bought, beds are changed......and I even did some other stuff like put up Christmas lights and clean out the storage room.....those steroids make you just manic! I got 80 minutes of sleep the first night, and 5 hours last night.

But tonight, just in the last hour, I am feeling the start of the chemo-brain effects, and know that I am going down in the tunnel for a few days. So......I'll see you all on the back side when I emerge. Thank you for praying that the chemo brain doesn't last any longer than it has in the past!!


Cole said...

I'm so thankful to hear that another treatment went well. I will be in prayer as you enter the tunnel. Praying for rest, peace of mind, a short slide through the tunnel, but most of all that God uses your time of rest to continue His healing work in your body.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that this round went well- Rest Mare, take each day as it comes. You are always in my thoughts and prayers
Love ya

Gretchen said...

Laundry, grocery shopping, and christmas light illumination all done after a chemo session.... now what's my excuse??

Love you so much, Auntie. Praying for you always. I'll be thinking of you through these next few days of ickiness.

Hang in there and take comfort in knowing that you got more done on chemo than your 26 year old able-bodied niece did on a good day. :) LOVE YOU!