Monday, April 18, 2011


My infusion went perfectly today. My nurses were SO welcoming, sweet and knowledgeable....they put me at ease immediately. They even got a good vein on the 2nd try!!

I love the private rooms. I never really minded the open room concept that I have been used to, except for the fact that I was always the youngest person in the room with still-keen hearing and the decibel levels from the TVs of the older patients on each side of me sometimes made my brain was also hard to read. Today I was able to read my novel with NO noise distraction!

My room also had a heated recliner and a nice-sized flat screen TV. There are two snack bars, and a family room where there are sofas and a computer to check email. It is a beautiful set-up.

They gave me a different nausea med than I have been getting. It is meant to give you 48 hours of relief. I hope it does! My nausea has never been real bad, certainly not enough to diminish my appetite, but this drug sounds like a good choice.

The entry


All the private rooms look out over the balcony to the entry below and the outside----love that open feeling----this was my view

Lisa and Katy, the nurses who checked me in
and got me needled-up

IV in and good to go....

Snack bar

Marcia, my infusion nurse 

Coffee shop in the main entry

Coffee shop

Grand piano and fireplace in the first floor lounge

I also met the nurse-----a sister-in-law of a friend----who originally recommended this new doctor to me. She knew I was coming in and she came down to meet me and we visited for quite a while. She is a great gal!!

So grateful to God for orchestrating this change in my medical care!! I believe it was meant to be.

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Cole said...

SOOOO excited to hear the wonderful news! This place looks as lovely as one can for its purpose. I'm so thankful to hear it went so well!!