Sunday, April 10, 2011


Life is nearly back to normal (we are still living in home renovation chaos). Dick got home from the Dominican Republic last night. Sam came home yesterday so he could hear all of Dick's stories first hand. The house feels full again! Grama Della's barbecue ribs and blueberry pie for dinner..... 

...and speaking of blueberry pie, I feel like a little pocket gopher with my bags of wild blueberries from this summer still in the freezer. We came home this year laden with so many raspberries, strawberries and blueberries from picking sprees that we had to go buy a freezer at Lowe's!!! And then, to find out a couple weeks later that berries are one of the major anti-cancer foods. God knew all along that I would need to eat lots of berries every day and boy, did He provide! 

Dick had a great trip, but is happy to be home. 

Dick with the 3 students he supervised in the clinic.

His casita.....he was the only man in the faculty group, so he didn't have to share it!

Walking path behind his casita

He said he sat under the cabana in the bugs!

A family who lived down the road invited him to visit when he walked by.

The Dominican Republic physical therapists in the clinic where he worked.

Lush vegetation!
He has well over 200 pictures and each tells a story....thought I would just put a few here.
I am so grateful he had this chance for such a rich inter-cultural experience. And now I am grateful to have him right beside me!

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