Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I spent the morning taking advantage of the “sunny and 65” day by getting all the yard work done in the front of the house. I trimmed back all the shrubs about 6 inches, blew out all the leaves from under and through the bushes, cleaned the rocks and raked the yard. Feels so good to have that done. Think I'll wait til tomorrow to tackle the back.

Thorough, dependable, but not cheap.


There are moments when I am amazed at the levels of faith God has brought Dick and me to throughout the past 7 months. In August, we were pleading for my life. In September, we were praying for healing. In October, we began to stand on the Word of God for healing. By January, we began thanking God in advance for the healing that we believed was going to happen. And now, God has infused us with the certainty that His Word is true and that I am, indeed, healing. We stand on Mark 11:22-24. We believe it has happened and we await the “proof” (by medical standards) in His time. 

I read another wonderful devotional recently. It described our faith journey to a T. It said you must “pray your way into full faith, coming to the point of assurance, while still praying, that your prayer has been accepted and heard, and in advance of the event, with confident anticipation, actually become aware of having received what you ask.”

And further…..”Let us remember that NO EARTHLY CIRCUMSTANCE can hinder the fulfillment of God’s Word. We must look steadfastly at His immutable Word and not at the uncertainty of this ever-changing world. God desires for us TO BELIEVE HIS WORD WITHOUT OTHER EVIDENCE, and THEN He is ready to do for us ‘according to our faith (Matt 9:29).’”

That is what is so sweet about this. Dick (and Sam) and I have reached the point in this faith journey that we believe God WITHOUT OTHER EVIDENCE!! Even with a PET scan that shows unchanged tumors, we have evidence of healing because and ONLY because of God’s promises. Faith is the evidence of things unseen (Heb 11:1). The healing has not been seen by human radiological eyes, but that means nothing to us. We have God’s Word, which does not lie, and that is all the evidence we need.

No fear. All faith.


Cole said...

Amen! (and I LOVE those devotionals!!)

Pipsylou said...

looks GREAT! I LOVE the wisdom at the end!