Friday, April 8, 2011


Today was my consultation with a new oncologist. It was meant to be a second opinion. It was meant as a jumping off point to possibly going to a large cancer center somewhere in the country for additional input in ongoing treatment. What it ended up being was an hour of grace which led me to ask Dr. A if he would assume my care. His response, “I would be honored to take over your care.” How often do you hear THAT in an exam room?

He is warm, knowledgeable, kind, thorough and affirming; and far beyond that, he fit every criteria I had asked for. He is a born-again Christian, a man who believes in a holistic approach to cancer, and believes in God's will and power to heal. When he said, “I know you know this is an incurable cancer from a medical standpoint, but we never lose sight of healing miracles from God,” he sealed the deal. When I told him that I was standing on God’s promises for healing, he said, “That’s where you need to stay. That is more powerful than any chemotherapy I can give you.” He fed my spirit in a way that I cannot even describe.

Dr. A even prayed for me before I left. He prayed for healing, he prayed that he would have wisdom in my care, he prayed for my family, and for God’s mercy and grace on my ongoing treatment.

I may have incurable cancer, but now I have a doctor who will stand with Dick and me and our inner circle in absolute faith for healing. This journey just took an unexpected turn, and the road ahead looks clear. We will continue on my current chemo regime…..he agreed that this was a good choice. And we will stay on this until the tumors grow, OR, as he said, until I am healed!

All glory and praise to God for this turn of events today.


Allison said...

WOW! What an uplifting day! So excited that you have a new partner in this venture!

Cole said...

Well praise God!! I had a strong feeling about this consultation, as I told you in the e-mail...I'm SO happy to hear you found someone in the medical field that's asking God to work through him!! Praise God!

Pipsylou said...