Saturday, April 2, 2011


I miss my husband!
I miss his presence around our home.
I miss his smile and the way his forehead crinkles when he laughs.
I miss the tender and loving way he treats me every day.
I miss talking to him at the dinner table.
I miss his warm feet in bed.
I miss rubbing the top of his head when we spoon.
I miss doing the daily crossword puzzle with him every night after dinner.
I miss his, "Can I do anything to help you with dinner?" after he comes home.
I miss our Saturday "honey-do" lists that we work on together each weekend.
I miss his heartfelt prayers when he prays for Sam and me.
I miss standing next to him in church as we worship in song.
I miss the sound of his voice.
I miss holding the hands that I could pick out blindfolded from a thousand others.
I miss my rock.
No absence can make my heart grow any fonder than it is. Our love can't get 
       any deeper.
I miss him, but I am so thrilled for him to be able to have this opportunity.
Only 8 more days!!

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