Sunday, October 17, 2010


D and I had a great weekend away at this B&B in a small Iowa town. I tried every which way to convince my dear husband that a deep double jacuzzi, like the one in our room, would be mighty nice at home......but he was the ever-practical man that I know him to be......yeah, I know there is no space for it......but oh, it would be nice!

We were the only people in the whole house the first night, and met one other couple this morning at breakfast. It is the breakfasts that I really love about B&B's. White china and white linen and literally, a 3-course gourmet breakfast each morning served by the sweetest hostess. I got recipes for everything! There is just something about being served breakfast.....

We took a walking tour of 32 historic homes in the town.....mostly Victorian, Italianate, and English cottage architecture. Here was my favorite.
It was built in 1896 for $8,000. Would love to have seen the inside! Would NOT like to heat the place!

It was just so relaxing.....everything we did for 2 days......and we did NOT talk about cancer! We found ourselves dreaming about what we are going to do in retirement someday. It just felt so good.

Our room had a stock of movies and we picked out an oldie for Saturday night, A HUMAN COMEDY starring Donna Reed (who grew up in this little town) and Mickey Rooney and the actor who played the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. Had never even heard of it before, but it was wonderful. With a World War II backdrop, it was a story about loss and love and honor and dreams and sacrifice. They just don't make movies like this anymore.

God blessed our entire trip, and we are ready to take on the new week!! I get my blood levels taken on Tuesday. Wonder what my red's and white's are doing these days. We'll see!

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