Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am two days post-chemo and fairing pretty well. Had some queasiness today, took my meds and kept it to a point where I could still eat. The steroids I had to take for 3 days have been tough. Slept 3 hours the first night, had only 45 minutes of sleep the night of chemo, and last night I only got about 4 hours, so I am physically wiped out and tired by my body's standards, but the steroids keep your mind on "GO" and you feel buzzed. Tried twice today to take a nap, but could not doze off. My sis has been pushing me to drink water to flush the steroids out a bit faster, but I have a feeling I may have another tough couple nights. The dosage was quite high.

My beautiful sister Margie is here from Fargo, taking charge and just hanging out with me. S is home too and he loves that she is here (she is a rock-star auntie!). Margie and I so wish we lived in the same city! We are so grateful that she made the trip down to be with me in case the side effects went very south. Praise God.....everything so far has been manageable. I JUST NEED SLEEP!!

Thanks for JoLynne and Kim for great meals the past two days. Not having to think about meal planning is just such an amazing gift to our family. Thank you for continued prayer that side effects would continue to wane over the next few days, and that I might have 2 "normal" weeks before the next treatment.

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Pipsylou said...

Praying, and then praying some more.

Love you aunt.

She just *looks* like fun!