Wednesday, August 18, 2010


They just set up the brain MRI for tomorrow at 10:30. I wish I had a stash of valium
somewhere. It is entirely possible that they may not see cancer in the brain, but they may well find various and sundry other abnormalities which would explain forgetfulness, type-A-ness, over-emotionalism.......

I am so grateful for so many medical personnel working together to get these tests done in a timely manner. It is as if they know how desperate the feelings are to get to the answers.


Pipsylou said...

I am just shocked at how quickly this is all happening. Something tells me it wouldn't normally happen this quickly, but just another indication that you are being looked over.

I will be literally on my knees praying for you at different times tomorrow morning. And especially AT 10:30.

Gary said...

I might have a vicadin stashed somewhere. You want it? :-) jk

I will be praying, as I have already been, for a possitive outcome and for peace. You are doing terrific. I keep my cell phone on all night long. IF you wake up again at 3am and you need a prayer partner feel free to CALL ME. I will email my number to you. Of course you can call the house phone too.