Friday, August 27, 2010


The past 12 hours have been especially riddled with fear and worry and panic. I know none of those emotions changes my cancer, but they have taken on a life of their own and I am feeling assailed by fear right now. Please pray with me that I could feel God's peace inside of me, and that I could shed this terrible weight on my chest.

I know that I need to surrender the outcome to God. I have to do that. The end result of this disease is out of my hands. Not that I am not going to fight this. But God alone knows the end result. If I could just surrender to that fact, and FEEL its release, I think that the fears would abate.

So if you are a prayin' type person, please ask God today to remove the heaviness and all the worry and the waves of panic that are coating every cell in my body. I know God hears the pleas of His people.

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gevermillion said...

Mary--delighted to pray for you, whatever the circumstance (not like we haven't been already, y'know). Thanks for the honor of being asked to do that. Sandy and I love you, and care for you, and don't mind saying so. Count on it.

Gary and Sandy