Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On a lighter note....

Our dishwasher burned out yesterday. Yes, I needed that on top of my only child leaving home and a cancer diagnosis. But Amana knew none of that, so burned out it did.

BEFORE CANCER: Trying to be a good steward of our income, I price compare big items. I rip up to Sioux Falls for a morning, compare dishwashers at Lowe's, Best Buy and Home Depot, comparing prices to features, haggling over delivery costs, come home 4 hours later with my list of information to ponder and then make a call to order one.

AFTER CANCER: Walking into our little town's one and only appliance dealer, I see 4 dishwashers lined up in slots. "What is the difference between the $319 model and the $399 model?"  The cheaper one has no top rinse, but I do have one model priced in between those two which has top rinse. I'm currently out, but they will come in this week.  "Sounds fine. Order me one. Call when it comes."

Cancer simplifies.


Gretchen said...

Billy and I are thinking of you and praying for you and your little family every day-- several times a day. Know that there are so many people fighting right along with you, even if we can't be present. I'm so glad you started the blog, and I can keep up with the progress.

You are not alone. Love you past the moon.


Pipsylou said...


We are so alike it's scary.