Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We feel as if we've had a lifetime of bad luck the past month. And it hasn't stopped. We found out that the tissue sample from the bone biopsy is now not able to be used for testing (to see if I have the mutation that would benefit from the newest drugs). They did not get enough tissue from the original lung biopsy, and now the bone tissue won't work because it is decalcified. We can't believe this. We have waited OVER A MONTH for these test results.....all the while this lung tumor is growing and possibly spreading.

So do another bronchoscopy? Once again, they cannot guarantee that they will get enough tissue. It simply isn't possible to know that or not. So start on traditional chemo drugs that may not be as effective if indeed I have this mutation? If we get more tissue, it is another 10 day waiting period. We are absolutely torn and we do not know the best route to take.

Please pray very specifically that we would have a sense of clarity and peace about the decision we come to. Pray that something would happen to make us know the right decision. This has been an agonizing 24 hours.

I started radiation yesterday and had the second treatment today. It will be M-F for two weeks.
So far, no side effects, and I'm hoping it stays that way.

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Pipsylou said...

praying for a quick decision and amazing peace.