Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tomorrow is my last day of radiation. And it is slightly unsettling that this is all the radiation they will do on my pelvis. I asked the doc why they couldn't re-radiate if the find in the future that the cancer is still there, and he said that it has been shown to be no more effective to do it all again. So I lay there every day and visualize the cancer cells dying like ants with a can of Raid sprayin' on 'em. I stand on God's Word that He is restoring my pelvic bone to complete health.

I am heading out on Monday for a 2nd opinion. This, in spite of the fact that we don't have the results of the mutation study. The opinion will be based on the assumption that I do not have the mutation. If I do, the drug choice is a given. I think this will help me feel confident in the chemo leg of this process, and then I am anxious to simply get going.

My friend Rumi brought over wonderful hearty wild rice vegetable soup last did she know we were about to heat up leftovers? My friend Cindy surprised us with amazing salmon fillets and snap peas the day before. Talking to Cindy does my heart good. She knows all about hope and healing. The way our friends are loving and supporting us is so humbling.

God hears every prayer....thank you for praying!

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