Sunday, September 19, 2010


This 3rd biopsy went well. They did NOT have to numb my nose and throat before sedation this time.....they just knocked me out right away, so the "nastiness" factor was greatly reduced! They used a bit stronger anesthetic, however, so I didn't bounce back within a couple hours. I am so grateful that they feel they got enough tissue for the tests to be run.

Unless there is another setback (which feels like the norm), they should have test results in 5-8 working days. My deepest prayer is that I DO have this EGFR mutation, allowing me to take the newest generation of drugs for lung cancer. These targeted therapies have fewer side effects and overall, are more specific to the lung. I am so sensitive to side effects of all drugs, so this would be a huge blessing in this situation. Either way, I choose to believe that God will work through any of it and heal me.

So next week looks like I will finish up my 5 days of radiation, and be waiting for the lab results. Specific prayer request would be that I have the mutation.

S came home last night for dinner and an overnight. We played a game, listened to college anecdotes, and had his favorite foods. Went to church this morning and watched the Vikes (lose) this afternoon. He'll go back after dinner tonight, but the house and our family has felt full again for 24 hours. He just fills this space. How blessed we feel that he chose a college close enough to get home when he wants to.

I know I keep thanking people for praying for me, and it probably sounds redundant, but you have no idea how it feels to be wrapped in prayer support from so many people.

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