Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just when I thought we were "all systems go," I find out I need another CT scan tomorrow. For some reason they don't feel the one I had August 10 is current enough and they want to know if there are any more "spots" we need to know about as a baseline measurement. They will then use this scan to determine tumor shrinkage during chemo. Sigh.

Had a wonderful talk last night with two friends from our "Duluth era." Darrell and Sandy are an amazing Christian couple who have been on the same road. After 3 years of chemo, surgery and radiation for stage 4 colon cancer, Darrell was given those precious words this week, "There is no evidence of cancer right now." The Healer did a mighty work in him, and he and Sandy have the blessed battle scars now to share with others. They were so generous with their encouragement and faith and time last night.......I need to hear every story of healing that I can!

S is coming home Saturday night. It will be good that he can spend a day with his ol' mama still looking healthy before we head into the next phase.

I have some specific prayer requests for next week which I will post this weekend.

On that note, D and I have been very moved to consistently pray for others these days. When you feel that you are being bathed in prayer by so many, it really feels right to want to return that. Furthermore, it says in James 5:16: Pray for one another so that you may be healed. So as an act of obedience, we want to pursue diligent prayers for others. PLEASE feel free to leave your prayer request in the comment section, or if you would rather have it kept private, you can email us at my old address (which I will just use for prayer requests) at It will be our honor to lift you up to the Lord for your special needs.

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