Thursday, September 9, 2010


D and I are leaving now for my (hopefully) last CT scan before radiation can begin on my hip. Apparently they will also fit me into a mold of some sort that will immobilize me for all of the treatments. I am concerned about all of the radioactivity that has been beamed into my body over the past month, but what can you do?

It was a month ago today that my family enjoyed a carefree, blissful day at the lake with our only emotion delight that it was a perfect blueberry picking day. Though we had no clue in the world, it was to be our last "normal" day for a long time. I wish time travel could transport us back there and we could feel all that again.

Dear friend Angie surprised us last night with dinner, then returned a couple hours later to chat about not only my journey, but all the wonderful mundane things going on in her life. I love her heart. Friends Chris and Lisa have stopped by with flowers and hugs and it has touched me so. Neighbor Mary has offered herself as a taxi service whenever D cannot take me to treatments. So much kindness.

Today as we leave, I am praying for the daughter of a lake friend of mine in Minnesota. She is a mother of four and today is going in for surgery for a brain tumor. I know the family wold appreciate any extra prayers for Darcie today.....that her tumor would be benign and removable, and that the family could feel some peace today as they wade through their fears. 

I have a long post coming. I am trying to discern the best way to say it all. Thank you for continued prayer. You have NO idea how far your prayers have brought me, from utter despair on August 10th to today. The hand of God has been on me, and I can't thank you enough. Please don't weary of the journey with me. We have a long ways to go.

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Pipsylou said...

it's me, again, just sitting here waiting...not sure for what, but i like to come to your little corner of the internet and rest. :)