Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am officially tattooed (I forgot to ask if it is temporary...) and ready for radiation on Monday. The whole lower half of my body is marked up. Trust me. It is NOT a sexy sight. But if it gets those beams on that pelvic bone and those cancer cells killed off, I will sport any marks for the rest of my life!!

The techs showed me the radiation room today so that I wouldn't stress about it beforehand, and showed me exactly what we would be doing. The physicist that OK's the oncologist's plan will sign off on Monday morning and I will head over for a 2:00 kick-off. I will be visualizing God's fingers being those beams of radiation, going exactly where they need to go. I am grateful that the cancer does not seem to have spread to any soft tissue around the pelvis.

Please pray for no or minimal side effects from this treatment. Lymphadema in my right leg would be the one side effect that would NOT be good, though they have said it rarely happens. Red skin, tiredness, and bowel or bladder changes are about the only common ones to expect, and some people have none. I want to be in that category!

Tomorrow my sweet friend Lee and her husband Bob, from northern MN, are driving all the way here to see me. On their anniversary weekend no less. Their commitment to me in friendship blows me away.

We just watched the Vikings lose a pathetic game. They better get their offense in shape for next week, or we are facing a very LONG season.

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