Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I thought that maybe, just once, the tide would turn in our favor. I thought that perhaps, just miraculously, the .1% chance that the hip was not cancerous would be true. It is cancerous. And now we find out that the tissue Duluth was supposed to send to Mayo for testing was insufficient, and now we need to start all over again and wait 2 weeks for results of that (to see if my cancer may respond to a certain drug).

It looks as though I may be starting radiation on the hip next week. I am waiting on phone calls right now. I will need yet another CAT scan first. I will know more later.

I read this quote by Verdell Davis this morning, and right now, am believing it: In the darkness of the tunnel, "keeping on" becomes a miracle.


Pipsylou said...

Yet another setback. My heart grieves at this news, as I too was hoping that the .1% chance would come true. I am angry right now. Don't know what else to type because there isn't much to say.

Just know you're constantly covered in my prayers.

Cole said...

Mary, even in the midst of the news I do still hear a fight in your words. It is another obstacle but you see it as just that, not a road block.

I'm sure this news mounds on top of the fears you were already experiencing about treatments. To have to endure more testing seems awful. I will be praying for relief in your body, spirit, and mind.

I like to think of God as a Daddy in his recliner just willing you to come sit on His lap and be enveloped in His loving embrace. Let Him hold you, Mary. Let Him hold you as you cry, as you let go of anger, as you tell Him your fears. Let Him be your Father and allow yourself to be His scared daughter in need of His protection.

Rest in knowing that you are infinitely loved and in your darkest hours, Jesus is sitting with you weeping for your pain as well. He knows it and He wants to give you peace. I pray for that peace every day. Though we've never met, not a day has gone by since Rachel told me of the battle you're facing that I haven't thought of you and prayed for you.

Ronald and Joyce said...

Our hearts ache today as we hear of the recent medical reports and the need for the repeated tests and the wait! Yet, I know that God does not forsake His children. I think we will see a mighty work of our dear Father in your life and ours as we are forced to trust Him.

We all have questions as to why He is allowing you, D. and S. to go through these dark, troubling days searching for peace and His amazing healing.
I was encouraged today as I prepared our schedule for the upcoming Good News Clubs and read through the lesson titles of our Life of Christ series-"Jesus Welcomes Children and Feeds 5000","Jesus Calms the Sea", "Lepers Made Clean", "The Rich Young Ruler", "Jesus Turns Water to Wine", "Nicodemus Hears the Good News" "Samaritan Finds Living Water", "Bartimaeus Receives His Sight", "Jesus Raises Jairus's Daughter". Wow, how neat to see how Jesus meets these people where they are, how He steps in and shows His power in ways we humanly don't expect. He has the same power to perform these miracles today! We will continue our requests for healing and peace beyond understanding.